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Tuesday, July 19, 2011
There are plenty of software packages available that promise to make a PC run faster with shallow if not fraudulent optimization schemes. The true path to increasing system performance lies in confronting the problems that can bog down a computer. Malicious software, junk files and poor organization each hobble a PC in different way. Shady companies sometimes charge for their false optimization tools, but there is free software available that can truly enhance system performance.

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

Viruses, adware and spyware can debilitate a computer. While the more malicious software can directly impair performance, the presence of certain software can bog down a computer by over-tasking its resources. Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware can uncover, quarantine and remove malicious software with a set of comprehensive tools and a frequently updated database of the usual suspects.


Piriform's CCleaner software contains a set of tools for clearing out temporary files and adjusting the Windows registry. The installation of software generates temporary files that, while important to installation, serve no function afterward. These junk files build up in the hard drive over time, robbing the user of space and needlessly taxing the file system. Even when a program is uninstalled, its temporary files, including registry entries, sometimes remain. By clearing out the temporary files and unused registry entries, hard drive space is freed and the registry streamlined, leading to greater system performance.


Defraggler is a defragmentation program offered by Piriform as an alternative to Windows' Disk Defragmenter. As files are added, accessed and removed from a hard drive, the file system becomes less organized. While the files remain in the same locations at the directory level, the parts of the files might be driven far apart at the file system level. Defraggler reorganizes the file parts and allows the file system to access the files with ease.

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