Optimizing Your PC's System Performance

Thursday, January 29, 2009
Are you on the never ending pursuit for more performance? Well if you're a gamer or just playing nuts about Computer optimization this article will put you in good sted because I'm going show you one of the best and not to mention easiest ways to squeeze some extra performance from your beloved PC.

So what is the System Configuration? Well it serves more than one task so it's quite hard to narrow down. But one of the main functions is where you can have easy access to all your programs running on Windows. But like I said, the System Configuration does give you access to other options as well.

So you know a little about the System Configuration, lets start tuning it up for faster PC performance.

First of all you want to go to Start or the Start orb for Vista owners and type MSconfig This will bring up the System Configuration panel.
From the System Configuration you'll want to start on the General tab and make sure that you have "Selective startup" Selected. This will give you full control and allow you to tinker to your heart's content.

Once you've done that you'll want to go to the "Startup" tab. What the startup tab shows is all the third party programs that automatically start running when you boot up your PC. So simply untick the ones you don't want running in the background at start up and this will free up more of your PC's resources like the CPU and Ram to focus on the programs that matter to you.
You can turn them all off for best performance but I would recommend keeping your anti virus running to protect your PC. And if you've got an third party fire wall I would recommend to keep that running as well. But everything else can get the chop.

Once you've done that click "Apply" and move on to the "Services" tab.
The Services section works in the same way as the "Startup" tab but this is where all your Windows programs are running. Now I wouldn't recommend turning them off in the System Configuration as it's better to turn them off in another section of Windows.
So instead go to the bottom of the panel and tick the "Hide all Microsoft services" This will hide all the Microsoft services and leave the third party programs. Once again I would recommend turning everything of barring your anti virus and click apply.

Now moving on to the "Boot" tab. You want to look for the "No GUI boot" and tick it. What does GUI stand for? I haven't got the foggiest but what I do know is when you turn it on it deactivates the Windows loading screen when your booting up your PC. What this does is give you a slightly faster boot times. It's nothing recording braking but if your PC is taking ages to boot up I guess ever second counts eh.

The next thing you want to do within the "Boot" tab is click on the "Advanced options..." A new Window will open and from in there you want to tick the "Number of processor" box. This will allow you to select the number of cores you want your PC to boot up with. For example if you've got a duel core you would select 2 but if you've got a quad core CPU you would select 4 and so on.
What this does is tells you computer how many CPUs to use when booting so instead of booting up using one core, your PC will now boot up using the maximum amount of CPU cores which will result in quicker boot times again. Once you made the changes click "OK"


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