Computer Virus In City

Friday, February 6, 2009
Internet access has been turned off to most computers. The IT department is dealing with a computer virus that uses the Internet to spread itself. The city says it's affecting a "significant amount" of computer work stations.

The City is currently dealing with a computer virus that is affecting a significant amount of computer work stations within the City system.

The ability to provide essential services such as 9ll, Police, Fire, traffic services and building permits are not affected at this time. However, because the virus appears to be using the Internet to spread itself, Web access has been shut off for most City computers. Outside users should be able to access the City's Web site at this time, however, some intermittent outages have occurred. If users are having trouble accessing and still need to contact the City, they can call 864-1010 to reach the Department of Public Information.

The Information Systems Department is working continuously with the City's virus removal provider, McAfee, Inc., to resolve the issue. The virus does not appear to have affected City servers, and there does not appear to be any issue of lost data or information at this time. The virus appears to be spreading via Windows executable files, not through e-mails or e-mail attachments. The City's e-mail system is operating normally.


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