Speed Up Boot Time With Windows XP and Vista

Thursday, March 19, 2009
When you start your computer, you might get irritated because of a slow boot up time. If you simply hate to wait for your computer to boot up, then here are some tips on how to speed up boot time Windows Vista and XP. When you Speed up Boot Time Windows Vista and XP, you will no longer have to wait for a few minutes for your PC to boot up. Here are the tips on speed up boot time Windows Vista and XP.

Windows Vista
In Windows Vista, the computer boots up using a single core of your processor. If you are using a dual-core or a quad-core processor, you can easily speed up your boot up time in Windows Vista. To -do this, click the start menu, type ‘msconfig’ on the text box and press enter. The Systems Configuration Window will pop up. Choose the Booot tab and click on the advanced options button. Then, click the check box with the name “Number of Processors” and choose two if you have a dual-core processor or 4 if you have a quad-core processor. Click 0k to apply the changes.

Windows XP
On Windows XP, some programs start automatically at boot up. You can try stopping unwanted programs to run at boot up to speed up the boot up time. To do this, press start, select run and type ‘msconfig’. Go to the Startup tab and you will see a list of programs that run on startup. Uncheck the programs that you do not want to start at boot up.

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