How to Repair Your Computer After Freezing Up?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
When you experience a computer freeze, press Control-Alt-Delete all at the same time. This will bring up your Windows Task Manager box and you'll see a list of programs that are in operation at that present time. Next to each application you'll see a status column. There will be a sign as to whether certain programs are responding or not responding. Highlight the program’s that are not responding and click End Task.

If you still cannot get your computer to respond then simply touch Control-Alt-Delete again and shut the computer down

Computer freezes or computers locking up happen sometimes when too many software programs are running at the same time. You may want to limit to two or three programs or Internet Windows at one time.

If your computer is only freezing on a certain website, try to not visit that website or use a different browser. If a certain web browser continuously freezes, you could try to uninstall and reinstall it. Try to use a web browser that has more quality and speed.

One of the main reasons your computer is freezing up is not performing proper maintenance 0n a regular basis. A computer could be compared to a car. A car, of course, runs at its peak performance 0nly if you perform routine maintenance on them right? The same holds true here on your computer. Two of the most important steps you could perform for your computer is to defrag your hard drive and clean up your computer registry.

As you add data to your pc, it's all store on your hard drive. As time goes on, these data files get moved around and are often spread out from each other, which makes your program operate more slowly because it has to piece all these files back together again. By defragmenting your hard drive, it cleans up the drive and rearranges these files.

Also, when your computer registry contains too many files 0r unnecessary files, it'll take longer for your requests to get through and get fulfilled. This problem can lead to these freeze ups.
Maintaining both these problems can be performed in just a few minutes with an easy to use registry cleaner that can be found online.

A good registry cleaner will fix and repair all errors on your computer that may be causing your computer to run slow, freeze up, not allow you to open up certain applications and so forth. By finding and repairing these errors you can have your computer running like new.

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