All about the wireless network setup in Windows XP

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Development is base of the life, people started with simple computer, after some time they started using laptops, same was the case with networking, started with wired networks, but now we have moved forward to using wireless networks.

Microsoft also understands the need of wireless networks, so Microsoft added the feature of wireless network in the Windows XP , but the most important thing in wireless network is computer security

Now the question arises how to create wireless network.
There are four steps to set up a wireless network
1 Choose your wireless equipment.
2 Connect your wireless router
3 Configure your wireless network.
4 Connect to the computer.

1 Choosing the wireless equipment is the one major issue , as the strength of the wireless network is totally dependent on the wireless equipment . So select a good wireless router for creating the wireless network.

2 Second step is connecting the wireless network.
For this step we need to have Internet connections to the wireless router.

3 Now the third and the most important one is configuring the wireless router
For configuring the wireless router using network cable connect the router cable with the network port of the computer temporally. Open the Internet explorer, and type the IP address of that router. With default user name and password. After that Internet explorer will open a router configuration page on the IE with the fields detailing
Wireless network name, called as WEP
Wireless encryption key (WEP)
Your administrative password.

Save the settings and click OK.

4 Connect to the computer.

And last but not the least, connect to the computer is the most important factor.
If you do not have computer support for the wireless network in that case we need to have network adapter. Having its antenna, when we connect that adapter to the computer USB windows XP SP2 will automatically detects the wireless network. It will prompt antenna like icon on the task bar
Once that icon start prompting

Right click that (wireless network) icon > click the View available wireless network.
Once Network connection appears, then wireless network connection is connected. > Click Refresh network list and after that click on the Connect. After that Windows XP will ask to enter a WEP key and that only those are able to connect to the wireless net work

Finally remove the wire which we have connected between the router and computer.
Thus the wireless network is mainly used for the laptops, it remove all the hurdles faced during the wired network.



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