Testing the parallel port

Friday, July 24, 2009
Diagnostic software such as CheckIt or Norton Utilities can test the integrity of your port by using a loop-back plug attached to your parallal port. This type of test can also be performed on your serial portes. Be sure that you use a loop-back plug compatible with the testing software. This is because manufacturers utilize different loop-back wiring schemes in their products.

The loop-back plug test may not find every parallel port problem, but if it does indicate a printer troubleshooting, it’s probably accurate.

If you find a bad parallel port on a motherboard with integrated peripherals, you can disable the port in the CMOS Setup and install an add-on parallel port if you have an unused ISA slot. But check prices before you do this. You may be able to replace your motherboard with a new one for very little more than the cost of a new parallel port card.



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