Monitor your PC

Thursday, August 27, 2009
Once you’ve cleaned up your PC, reboot and take a closer look at what’s using your RAM right now.

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to launch Task Manager, select the Processes tab, click View > Select Columns and make sure ‘Memory (Private Working Set)’ is checked). Click OK, select the ‘Show processes from all users’ button, then click the ‘Memory (Private Working Set)’ column header.

You’ll now see every process on your system, in the order in which they’re using memory. Browse down the list – are you running any background programs that you really don’t need? Turn them off if so. If you discover some memory hogs you don’t recognise, then enter their process names at Google to find out more.

If you really want to drill down into your PC’s activities, then there are two free Sysinternals tools that will prove invaluable. Autoruns will show you everything that loads when your Windows starts up, while Process Explorerdisplays running programs in great detail and shows you the resources they’re using. Go download them, they’re some of the best PC troubleshooting tools around.


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