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Friday, August 14, 2009
One of the features of Windows Vista is Windows Aero, a new user interface and visual style.

Microsoft product screen shot reprinted with permission from Microsoft Corporation

Windows Aero is the new interface and visual style used in Windows Vista when the computer meets certain hardware requirements

Windows Aero is the new user interface and visual style used in Windows Vista. With Aero, Windows is intended to be both easier to use and more pleasant to look at.

Some of the interesting visual uneffects of Windows Arrow are semi-transparent windows, Flip Three D, and live thumbnails. The semi-transparent windows allow you to see what’s behind the active window. Flip Three D is similar to tabbing through open windows, but it displays images of the open programs in a Three D-like view. Live thumbnails let you see the contents of a file without opening it.

Windows Aero is available in all but the most expensive of the Windows Vista support editions, Home Basic. However, Windows Vista delivers a user interface and style appropriate to the computer’s hardware, as the advanced effects in Windows Aero would overwhelm some computers. As a result, not all computers in use today can support Windows Aero. Only Vista Premium Ready PCs, not Capable PCs, can display Windows Aero.

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