How to Clean and Repair Your Registry?

Monday, October 11, 2010
When your PC is slow, internet pages lag, and system performance is just not up to par, there are many ways to avoid costly repair bills and perform a do it yourself fix.

There are several very good built in and downloadable tools for system optimization, registry clean and repair:
  • CCleaner is a tool that frees up disk space by removing unused files. It cleans temporary files, history, and cookies, etc. from common internet browsers. Additionally, CCleaner cleans out your recycle bin, Windows temp files, removes broken and unused registry entries, and other common problems that slow our computers down. You can also use CCleaner to uninstall unwanted programs from Windows and Startup.
  • CCleaner is a free tool. Once you get to the website, simply Download CCleaner. They do accept Paypal donations. Donations are not a requirement to receive the software download, but I do recommend donating a dollar or two. This software really does take care of many problems and it's always nice to show your appreciation.
  • Once the software is downloaded to your system, you're ready to go. The first tab is 'Cleaner.' Using this tab you'll be able to optimize your system by cleaning Windows components and application components. HINT!! I really get angry when I lose my Windows saved passwords and browsing history. Temp files can go, and cookies can go, but I've got to have my passwords! Look carefully at the boxes which are checked. Uncheck ANY that include information you'd like to keep on your system.
  • The next tab is 'Registry'. Scan for issues and if you've ignored your computer for a while, you're likely to find tons of broken shortcuts, registry errors and much more! You have the option to backup the registry before cleaning, and I highly recommend checking YES to backup the registry. I also recommend running this tool several times until it comes back clean. Once it fixes numerous registry errors the first go around, it's likely to pick up more. I had to run mine about 6 times when I first downloaded CCleaner.
  • The third tab is 'Tools.' This gives you the option to Uninstall unwanted programs from your system and your startup file. Only uninstall programs if you know exactly what they are used for and you're sure you don't want them. Uninstalling programs can sometimes cause you big headaches in the long run.
  • The fourth tab is 'Options.' This tab is for advanced customizations. Just leave it at the default options unless you know what to look for.
  • CCleaner provides regular software updates. Usually you'll receive automatic notification of updates to install, but if you're unsure, just click 'Check for updates...' Also, it's worthy to note that CCleaner does not include any viruses, spyware or adware in its download. This is a very handy program and does a wonderful job cleaning junk from your computer and optimizing your registry.

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