How to maintain a Fast and Stable Computer through Optimization

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Many people forget to optimize their computer and then they experience problems such as: slow start-up, crashes, errors, blue screens of death etc. until their computers become a complete pain to use.

If you are regularly experiencing any of the above mentioned problems it means your computer also definitely needs some optimization.

But let's first look at why computer optimization is so important. I will try to explain this is very common language so even the readers without much IT knowledge can understand.

Your operating system, Windows contains a large database called the registry. This database contains all the necessary information so Windows knows where all the system files, user files, settings etc. are located. The problem is Windows does not automatically optimize this database. Every time you turn on your computer new information is added to the registry, but it is barely ever removed. Therefore the longer you use your PC the more full the registry becomes. And even if a program or file is uninstalled or modified lots of information is left over in the registry. This left over unnecessary information is called corrupt or invalid registry keys.

And these invalid and corrupt registry keys are the ones responsible for the mentioned problems your computer is experiencing. The old invalid keys "confuse" your computer resulting in errors and slow-downs.

This means it is absolutely essential to keep your registry optimized. But how? Well it is easier than you probably think.

For this purpose special programs called Registry Cleaners or Registry Optimizers are developed. They are programmed to scan the registry in your computer and to delete/fix/modify all the corrupt and invalid registry keys that formed in your registry over the time. These programs are programmed so everyone can use them, all you have to do is press one button and the program does everything automatically.

There are thousands of Registry cleaners on the market and some are complete scams which harm your computer more than they help. Therefore don't purchase the first Registry Cleaner you find! They all promise the same but only few of them actually live up to their promises.

It is very important that you read a trustworthy review before purchasing any Registry Cleaner.


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