Computer Optimization - How to Make Your Desktop Run Fast

Friday, May 27, 2011
Computer optimization means that everything in your PC should be done to improve its performance.New bought desktop usually run fine, but it will run much slower than the beginning after a period of time. You may get crazy when you have to face this.

Home user often ignore main the performance of a PC, but it is very important to keep a computer running and performing well. Here we go.

The first step of computer optimization is to delete something you don't want anymore, such as videos, email, photons and files. Getting them off your computer and put them on a CD or DVD to keep for a longer store is a good idea. When you check these, you may find that a lot of these things you don't need anymore, but they had took up a lot of your valuable space.

The second step is to clean up your hard drive regularly. When you visit a website or open a file, your keeps a record automatically for you.Clean these temporary files is one part of your computer optimization.

The third step to optimizing your computer is control the programs which are set up to open and run.. There must have some programs which are not necessary at start up, they can make the start up process very slow and they take up a lot of your computer performance.

The fourth step of computer optimization is to delete the programs you don't need anymore, because they take up a lot of space.

The fifth step of computer optimization is defragging your hard drive. This step will make your programs on your computer are scattered and moved the closer. By doing this morning, your computer will run much fast.

The final step is installing a anti-virus or anti-spy ware program to forbid the virus getting into your computer. But only install one of these programs as not all the software are compatible with each other.



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